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2 Peter 1:12

Dear Readers,

January 2007

“Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 1:3) I pray that this new year will find you enjoying the perfect peace of God more than ever. Surely, the Lord is coming soon. I pray that your New Year’s resolutions will include a rededication to the Lord and a renewed desire to share the gospel with others. “Now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” (Romans 13:11)

In this Issue

The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection (Part 10)

by Alonzo T. Jones

An Update on Michael Sibanda

Missionary Reports from Overseas

Fundamental Principles of Health

by Curtis Kline

Mission Trip Update

by Lynnford Beachy

Health Note

Upcoming Meetings in Your Area

Waggoner on Romans (Part 10)

by Ellet J. Waggoner

The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection (Part 10)

by Alonzo T. Jones

(We are continuing a series of studies on God’s plan of salvation as revealed in the sanctuary. We pray they will be a blessing to you.    Editor)

Chapter 14—The Time of Finishing the Mystery of God

But that imposture [the Roman Catholic Church] is not to last forever; thank the Lord! This great truth of the priesthood, ministry, and sanctuary of Christianity is not to be hid forever from the eyes of the church and the world. The mystery of iniquity arose and so hid from the world the mystery of God that all the world followed it wondering. (Revelation 13:3, 4) But the day comes when the mystery of iniquity shall be exposed, and the mystery of God in its own truth and purity shall shine forth once more, never more to be hid, but to accomplish its great purpose and be completely finished. For it is written that “in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.” (Revelation 10:7)

In the days of Christ and His apostles, the mystery of God was revealed in a fulness never before known and was preached “to all nations for the obedience of faith.” (Romans 16:25, 26) From the beginning of the world unto that time this mystery had “been hid in God,” had “been hid from ages and from generations,” but was then “made manifest to His saints” to whom “God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” (Colossians 1:26-29; Ephesians 3:3, 5, 9)

But even at that same time, in the very days of the apostles, the “mystery of iniquity” did “already work.” (2 Thessalonians 2:7) And it continued to work until it gained world-power and supremacy and even power over the saints, the times, and the law of the Most High—standing up against the Prince of princes, magnifying itself even to the Prince of the host, putting itself in the place of worship of God, and passing itself off for God. And thus, again, but not this time in God, the mystery of God was “hid from ages and from generations.” But now, again, in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, even now, the mystery of God which hath again been hid from ages and generations, is made manifest to His saints to whom now “God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” (Colossians 1:27, 28)

And this, as we have already quoted, is itself according “as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.” It is not alone the prophet of Patmos who declared that in this time, even now in our day, “the mystery of God should be finished.” For when the angel of God made this proclamation in the vision of the prophet of Patmos, he had already, and long before, declared the same thing to His servants the prophets. And this proclamation on Patmos was only the declaration of the angels that that which God had long before declared to His servants the prophets should now surely be accomplished and that with no more delay. The full proclamation of the angel is this: “And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, and sware by Him that liveth forever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time [“delay,” R.V.] no longer: but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.” (Revelation 10:5-7)

The one prophet to whom this thing was more fully and more plainly declared than to any other was the prophet Daniel. For not only did Daniel see the rise of this little horn and see it magnify itself “even to the Prince of the host” (Daniel 8:11), and “stand up against the Prince of princes” (Daniel 8:25), and cast down to the ground His truth and His sanctuary and stamp upon them (Daniel 8:11, 12), but he also, and in the same vision, saw the truth and the sanctuary of Christ delivered from this little horn power, rescued from its blasphemous stamping, lifted up from the earth and exalted to the heaven where it belongs. And it was in this part of the transactions in the vision that the heavenly ones seemed to be most interested; for, says Daniel: “Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint [“the Wonderful Numberer”] which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice [the continual service], and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden underfoot? And He [“the Wonderful Numberer”] said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” (Daniel 8:13, 14)

Then the angel Gabriel was commanded to make Daniel understand the vision. He began to do so, but when in the explanation he had reached the point concerning the many days of this vision, the astonishing and terrible things revealed in the vision overcame the prophet, and says he: “I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days; afterward I rose up, and did the king’s business; and I was astonished at the vision, but none understood it.” (Daniel 8:27) So far as the explanation had proceeded, it was easily understood: for it was plainly spoken that the ram represented the kings of Media and Persia; and the rough goat the king of Grecia; and, in view of the explanation that had already been made in the second and seventh chapters of Daniel, the description of the next great power after Grecia was easily understood so far as the angel could then go with the explanation. But in the very midst of the explanation of the most important part of it, Daniel fainted, and so the most material and essential part of the explanation was missed, and “none understood it.”

However, the prophet sought diligently for an understanding of the vision. And after the destruction of Babylon, in the first year of the king of the Medes and Persians the angel Gabriel came to Daniel again and said: “O Daniel, I am now come forth to give thee skill and understanding.” (Daniel 9:1, 22) And it was understanding in this particular vision which he was explaining when Daniel fainted that he now came to give. Accordingly he directs Daniel’s attention first of all to that vision, for he said: “At the beginning of thy supplications the commandment came forth, and I am come to shew thee; for thou art greatly beloved: therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision.” (Verse 23) Having thus directed the prophet’s attention to the vision, the angel begins immediately to discuss the time mentioned in the vision—the very part of the vision which, because of Daniel’s fainting, had been left unexplained. Thus he says: “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city.” (Verse 24)

The word “determined” signifies “limited,” “restricted within bounds,” “to mark off and fix the bounds.” In explaining the vision at the first, the angel had come to the point of the time—the “many days,” the “two thousand and three hundred days” of the vision. Now, he tells Daniel to consider the vision; he begins immediately to speak concerning these days and to explain the events of them. “Seventy weeks,” or four hundred and ninety of these days are limited and restricted to the Jews and Jerusalem, and this also marks the limitation of the Jews and Jerusalem as God’s special people and city. For these are prophetic days, in which each day is a year: the seventy weeks, or the four hundred and ninety days, thus making four hundred and ninety years of the two thousand and three hundred days which are two thousand and three hundred years. The beginning of the four hundred and ninety years is thus also the beginning of the two thousand and three hundred years.

The story of the “seventy weeks,” or four hundred and ninety years, is given by the angel as follows: “Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined. And He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week He shall cause the sacrifices and oblation to cease,” and “upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate, [“and upon the battlements shall be the idols of the desolator.”—A.V. margin] even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolator.” (Daniel 9:25-27; 9:27, R.V.; 9:27, margin)

The commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem here referred to went forth in the year 457 B. C. and is recorded in the seventh chapter of Ezra. The decree was issued from Babylon and was addressed, first, to Ezra, empowering him to leave Babylon and to take with him such people and materials as were supplied for the work of restoring Jerusalem and the worship of God therein, and secondly “to all the treasurers which are beyond the river” Euphrates, directing them to supply whatever was required by Ezra for the carrying on of the work. It was the fifth month of the year when Ezra reached Jerusalem, so that about half the year 457 B. C. was gone, which would give about the year 456-1/2 as the time of the beginning of the four hundred and ninety years and the two thousand and three hundred years.

From that time four hundred and eighty-three years were to reach “to the Messiah the Prince,” which would reach twenty-six and one-half years into the Christian era or into the year A. D. 27, which is the very year of Christ’s appearance as the Messiah in His public ministry, when He was baptized in Jordan and anointed with the Holy Ghost. (Mark 7:9-11; Matt. 3:13-17) After this He, the Messiah, was to “confirm the covenant” “for one week”—the remaining week of the seventy. But in the midst of that week He would “cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease” by the sacrifice of Himself on the cross. In the midst of the week would be at the end of three and a half of the seven years from the fall of A. D. 27. This gives the date the spring of A.D. 31, the very time when the Saviour was crucified, and thus by the sacrifice of Himself—the only sacrifice for sins—forever caused the sacrifice and the oblation to cease. Then the veil of the earthly temple “was rent in twain from the top to the bottom” (Mark 15:38), showing that the service of God there was ended and the earthly house was desolate.

70 Weeks

There was yet the last half of the seventieth week remaining as the limit of the time of special favor to the Jews and Jerusalem. This half of the week, beginning in the spring of A.D. 31, extended to the fall of A.D. 34. In that time “they which were scattered abroad upon the persecution that arose about Stephen [“went everywhere preaching the word”] traveled as far as Phenice and Cyprus and Antioch preaching the word to none but unto the Jews only.” (Acts 11:19; 8:4) But when this time was expired and the Jews had confirmed themselves in the rejection of the Messiah and His gospel, then was their decision accepted and under the leadership of both Peter and Paul the door of faith was opened fully to the Gentiles, to whom pertains the remaining portion of the two thousand and three hundred years.

After the four hundred and ninety years of the limitation upon the Jews and Jerusalem, there yet remained one thousand eight hundred and ten years to the Gentiles. This period, beginning, as we have found, in the fall of A.D. 34, reaches inevitably to the fall of A.D. 1844 and marks that date as the expiration of the two thousand and three hundred years. And at that time, upon the word of the “Wonderful Numberer” in Daniel 8:14, “then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” In 1844 also was the very time of “the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound” and when “the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.”

2300 days

At that time there would be broken up the horror of great darkness by which the mystery of iniquity had hid from ages and generations the mystery of God. At that time the sanctuary and the true tabernacle and the truth of it would be lifted up from the ground where the man of sin had cast them down and stamped upon them and would be exalted to the heaven where they belong and whence they will shine forth in such light as that the earth shall be lightened with the glory. At that time the transcendent truth of the priesthood and ministry of Christ would be rescued from the oblivion to which the abomination and transgression of desolation had consigned it and would once more and forever stand in its true and heavenly place in the faith of the church, accomplishing in every true believer that perfection which is the eternal purpose of God which He purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(To be continued)

(This article was taken from pages 104-112 of the book, The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection, by Alonzo T. Jones. Some editing has been done for this publication.    Editor)

Missionary Reports from Overseas

More Workers in Zimbabwe—Vusa Ncube

I really thank the Lord for sustaining His work. Door to door visits were made in one part of the city of Bulawayo, where we had short studies with those interested. It was really a blessed time in my experience of working for the Lord. Most of the people had some interesting questions, especially on the doctrine of the trinity, because the quarterly lessons of the mainstream church brought some false ideas about the Godhead. This contributed to sound studies resulting in some members taking a new stand to teach the truth about the God of the Bible. We closed these studies by inviting people to a meeting in which the Lord did wonders as the Word of God was humbly shared. This resulted in Brother Comfort Mguni [youth communication director] and Elder T. Mithi, made decisions to follow the truth and provoked much trouble in their families. Thus it is my request in their behalf that we may remember them in our prayers. The good news and encouraging act was from Brother Mguni who, amid family disputes, could join me when I moved to the next planned two week meeting in the outskirts of the city. His presence with me was a true living testimony that the Lord has power to save. The meetings started in a low profile with an attendance of about 20 people with young people out numbering other groups. It was nice to meet young people of great zeal for the Lord. As we neared the close of the second week the crowd swelled to about 60 people each meeting. Brother Mguni was of great inspiration as he shared his testimony to the crowd, most hearts were moved. The Lord showered the sown seed of His Word and did bear fruits, and I saw eight souls make their decisions to be baptized and many more really appreciated the Word of the Lord.

As I’m writing my heart is filled with joy that the Lord is working wonders in his people. I thank God for raising up supportive brethren in the likes of Brothers Mithi and Mguni, who have helped spread the good news about God like wildfire, even though they receive threats. Because of these Brothers’ influence a number of meetings have been conducted and video cassettes have been viewed. This has been a great blessing. But, it has been evident that the devil was, and is, not happy with the proceedings, because last Thursday when I returned from an all night Bible study and prayer I found that my house was vandalized by thieves who took all the blankets and clothes and left the room empty. Surely, I learned that the devil is not happy at all. Anyway, this of less importance compared to the great work that the Lord has commissioned to the human race.

Zimbabwe Camp Meeting Report—Vusa Ncube

We have all the reason to thank God for tremendously blessing us during our camp meeting. On the first day the turn out was very low as compared to the previous year. But by the middle of the week the crowd grew. Although all brethren could not come due to transport problems and high inflation sweeping the country, we had a joyful time meeting each other. Above all, the presence of Brother Mithi was a great inspiration, seeing that it was the first time for him to come to our camp meeting, and he was one of the speakers.

“True Liberty in Christ” was the theme of the camp meeting and the theme texts were John 8:31-36. It was a great joy to me, and the gathering as a whole, to see that the Bible is full of promises that awaits our claiming in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus, and they will be rendered for our good. The most fascinating truth was to know and see from the Bible that there is divine power in the Word of God to cleanse me, and all of us, from the power of sin, that all those who believe could “sin not.” (1 John 2:1) In fact, there is power in the Word to give all who believe an experience whereby it is easier to do good than evil. In addition there is creative power in the Word of God, as it was in the week of creation when everything came into existence by God’s Word, when the earth was without form. The challenging fact was to unearth the fact that since it is the nature of God to make things out of nothing, thus it is impossible for God to make anything in man if he hasn’t yet become nothing. Imagine! By the close of the camp we were taken to a point to realize that we need to see our nothingness without Christ and be led to a point to empty self and be filled by the Spirit of God. And this could be the only way to have that sacred secret of being in-dwelt by Christ.

We also had the opportunity to listen to some experiences from brethren which were a great encouragement, especially that of Brother Mithi, as he stated how he has been into troubles with the main stream church where he used to fellowship, and how his persecution led to so many people seeing and believing the truth. This camp was unique in the sense that as we neared the close of the meeting there were many visitors from the SDA church and Apostolic faith. They were so moved by the message that about four people from the SDA faith and two from Apostolic faith took a stand for the new faith and are awaiting for baptism to be arranged.

The Truth is Spreading in Zimbabwe—Vusa Ncube

I wish to share with you the wonders that God did in the cause of His work. The last week of November 2006 I took a trip to a Catholic hospital to share the Word of God and to distribute literature. There I met a Zion in Christ church pastor. This man watched me as I talked with people and gave out the tract entitled, “The Importance of Knowing the Truth About God.” When I thought I was through with the day’s business, that pastor approached and asked for more literature, especially about God the Holy Spirit, because he believed that he is the most powerful third person of the holy trinity. Unfortunately, I had nothing more but a single Present Truth magazine entitled, “The Wonderful Gift of the Holy Spirit by Brother Beachy.

I never knew the fire that was going to be kindled from that issue of the magazine, until I got an invitation for the second week of January, 2007. I have been invited to come to their church to teach about the Holy Spirit as taught in the Bible. In addition I have been asked to be in a position to answer questions, with Bible references, which his congregation might ask.

As I look forward to that week I am kindly requesting your prayers that the Lord will give me clear and distinct utterances as I share the truth to these souls. God bless you!

India Mission Report—D. Suresh Kumar

Dear brother in Christ, greeting to you in the name of God Almighty.

I am very happy to share my experience with you. Now we are distributing our new tract. It is made for all other religions and for atheists.

We have distributed tracts in the following districts: On October 18th, 2006, Bazaar area in Dindigul district. Amount of tracts, 2,000. On October 27th, 2006, Town Hall, and Meenakshi Temple area in Madueai district. Amount of tracts 2,000. On October 28th, 2006, Town Hall area in Salem district. Amount of tracts 2,500. On October 29th, 2006, Bazaar area in Karur district. Amount of tracts 2,000. On October 30th, 2006, Agraharam (place where many Hindus reside) area in Tanjur district. Amount of tracts 1,500. On October 31th, 2006, Town Hall area in Eroad district. Amount of tracts 2,000.

In this tract we have printed many doctrines and some important questions for the Hindu religions and for Atheists. The tract heading is Does God Exist? The tract asks the questions,

My family and my brethren have some fear for producing this tract because the RSS parties of Hindus are very dangerous fellows. [The RSS is a branch of Hindus who have made it their goal to destroy Christianity in India. They exert a lot of pressure, and even kill people, and the government does little to stop them.] But I don’t fear them because I surely believe my God will save me.

We have faced much opposition from some Hindu leaders when we distributed this tract. I reasoned with them, “Dear brothers, I am not arguing about God with you and I am not telling a lie. If you think it is not correct you must give me proof for your thoughts.” Then they departed from us silently.

At the present time we have some financial problems to meet our travel expenses, although here our Master’s work is running well by His wonderful grace.

Please pray for us and our ministry work. God bless us! Amen.


(There are many faithful brethren in third world countries, such as Peru, India, Romania, and many countries in Africa, who are working to spread the gospel with whatever means they have, but they are struggling financially to even feed their families, and finances for printing and distributing literature is very limited. We receive many letters similar to the one above, and we cannot possibly help them all, even though we would love to do so. If the Lord lays it upon your heart to sponsor a pastor in one of these countries, please contact us and we will make sure you are able to do that. By receiving $100 per month, a pastor can pay for food and lodging for him and his family, as well as a small amount left over for ministry work. Please pray for the work around the world.    Editor)

Mission Trip Update

by Lynnford Beachy

For the past few months my family and I have been traveling across the United States holding meetings and visiting people in their homes. Last month I shared some of our experiences, and I would like to give you an update.

Grass Valley, CA - November 24, 25

Brother and Sister Maghiar hosted meetings in their home in Grass Valley. We broadcasted these meetings live over telephone conference, and also over the Internet using Skype.com. More than thirty people listened around the world.

At these meetings we focused on the new birth and knowing God and His Son. After each presentation we opened the meeting for questions and comments. Several people in the room had questions, as well as people listening over the phone or Internet. We used a loud speaker to enable everyone in the room to hear the questions from those on the Internet. It was encouraging for us to know that others were with us, even though we could not see them.

Soledad, CA - December 2

I learned that a friend, John Record, recently moved from Maine to California, so I called him to arrange a visit. He invited me to speak at the church he had been attending, and it just so happened that I had one Sabbath free, December 2, on which I could not organize any meetings. He said that would work out well.

Brother Record has been working with a church where only three people had been attending and, through his labors, it is now up to about twenty-five, with mostly new believers. John informed me that these people were in need of some practical instruction, so I shared messages on the new birth and the testimony of my conversion. Some of the people were really touched, but the two people whom Brother John especially wanted to hear the message were not there. The meetings were recorded so this man and his wife could hear them later.

The following day, I visited the elder of the church at his home, and the two people who missed out on the message the day before visited him at the same time I was there. We talked for a couple of hours, and I shared my conversion experience in more detail than I had the day before. It turned out that this man and his wife were struggling with the very same drugs and music that I had been into, so I could relate to them very well. They were in the process of trying to break free from those things, but had not been able to do it, so they had many questions. We had a delightful Bible study together on the the steps to conversion and victory, focusing on receiving a new heart that delights to do God’s will. As we departed, they had a renewed zeal to follow the Lord, and some practical instruction on how that can be accomplished.

I could see that the Lord arranged this meeting, since they were going through much the same experience that I had, and others had a harder time relating to them.

CA Camp Meeting - December 7-10

Our brethren in Southern California hosted a camp meeting in Temecula. Brother and Sister Hager put a lot of effort into making everyone feel at home, including providing some of the meals. The camp meeting was held in a scenic campground called Vail Lake, just east of Temecula. Brother Chuck Clifford and two of his children flew in from Colorado to help with video and audio recording, as well as to broadcast the sermons over the Internet and phone conference. They were a big help, and many people were able to listen who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. Brothers David Sims, Ben Turner, and myself, shared several messages covering the truth about God and righteousness by faith.

There were about twenty-five people in attendance, with another thirty or more listening by telephone or over the Internet. At the end of each meeting we encouraged people in the room, as well as those listening to the broadcast, to ask questions or share comments. Our technical helpers connected loud speakers so those calling from the Internet or telephone could be heard by everyone in the meeting room. It was encouraging to hear from people in Australia, England, and various other parts of the world. After the public questions and comments, the speaker of the hour was available to talk with those interested in further discussion. In this way we were able to reach many people.

One highlight was a lady who called in from China, knowing little about the Bible and Christianity, but wanting to find help for her problems. She thought perhaps Christianity would be an answer. I talked with her and encouraged her to accept the Lord Jesus as her Saviour. Later, Brother David Sims was able to share with her also, and she is embarking on a new relationship with God. Please keep her in your prayers.

Another highlight was when a brother from West Virginia, who had been listening to our broadcasts for several weeks, decided to put us in touch with some of his church brethren in the Los Angeles area. The day after the camp meeting, these brethren agreed to visit with my family and I in our RV. We visited and studied together for about three hours. It was a real blessing to get acquainted with them. They call themselves “The Church of God,” but they are not affiliated with any denomination. In fact they call themselves “anti-denominational.” They share several beliefs with us, but there are a few differences. I really appreciated their zeal to share with people on the streets of Skid Row and Hollywood Boulevard. They go out as a group and sing songs while the young people distribute tracts.

It was intriguing to find Sunday observers who believe that it is possible for Christians to live a holy life, free from continual sinning and repenting, in this present world. So many denominations teach that we will continue to sin until the Lord comes, thus removing from their adherents any desire or goal to abstain from sinful lusts. Jesus instructed a woman caught in adultery, “Go, and sin no more.” (John 8:1; 5:14) Jesus did not so, “Go, and sin a little less. Only commit adultery two times a week instead of seven, and later cut it down to only one day a week.” Nor did Jesus instruct her to do something that was impossible to be accomplished in this present life. The Bible says that God is “able to keep you from falling.” (Jude 1:24) Notice it is God who can do this, not you, but He is able, if you allow Him to. The biggest obstacle in the way of people living a victorious life is the idea that it is not possible. Yet, Jesus said, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) With Christ in your heart, this is possible, for He is perfect as His Father is perfect.

The Lord impressed me to share a study with them on the great controversy between Christ and Satan over the character of God. We saw the importance of understanding that Jesus is truly the Son of God. We exchanged some literature, with a desire to study into these things further.

As we were leaving the Temecula area to go to our next destination we passed through San Diego. This was our last chance to see the ocean, which we had only seen on the trip once while driving by at night. We asked a lady in front of a store if  there was a beach close-by. She informed us of a beach at the end of I-8. When we arrived we found a city park near the ocean, and parked our RV. We saw two homeless men sitting under a tree, and my wife wanted to take them some food and money. After she talked with them for a long time, I took the children out and visited with them.

Very soon, our children were playing with them and giving them hugs. These two men were thrilled to have the opportunity to be close to young children. They remarked that it is very rare for them to be around young children. One of them told me that it was the best Christmas present they ever had, to be able to play with the children. He said he has a daughter whom he has not seen for many years. He was very sad about that, but delighted to spend some time with our daughter. After a couple hours talking with them about the Lord and current events, it was too dark to see the ocean in the daylight, so we walked close to it, but then turned back to the RV to leave before it got too late. Afterwards I told my wife that we went to the beach only to see those two homeless people. God had arranged it. Please pray for these men, that they will give their hearts to Him.

Yuma, AZ - December 15-23

We purchased our RV in Yuma, and finally we returned, and had meetings with our friends, John and Judie Brown, who had been instrumental in finding the RV for us. Our friends live in an RV similar to ours, and this was our first opportunity to have home-church in our RV. We had several evening meetings and two Sabbath meetings while we were there. We broadcast some of them over the phone and Internet. A couple from Montana, who had been spending the winter in Arizona, also came to the meetings. We had met them at the last West Virginia camp meeting. It was a real blessing to be with them again.

We had our meetings in an RV park, where I visited with several of the tenants, and studied some with the manager. He was reading the book, God’s Love on Trial, while we stayed at his park.

While we were in Yuma, the Lord worked it out for me to go across the border into Mexico to get some dental work done.


I am grateful to the Lord for allowing us to be able to travel and visit members of the body of Christ.

Some of you have asked how my wife, Kendra, is doing. She has developed a strong reaction to mold from living many years in a moldy trailer in a damp valley in West Virginia. Whenever we are near mold she has trouble. Along with this, she also developed a strong reaction to chemicals, such as deodorants, perfumes, etc. Before we left on our trip, she would have an occasional good day when she felt normal, but most of the time she struggled. Now, I am happy to report that she has almost all good days, with only an occasional moment when she has trouble, especially when going around crowds where many perfumes and other chemicals bother her, or into a moldy building. Yet, thanks to the Lord, she is doing much, much better, for which we are very grateful to the Lord.

My wife and I are currently in Tucson, Arizona, doing a 20-day raw food and juice fast, along with taking herbs to cleanse our bodies. Please pray that this will be helpful for both of us, that we may better be able to help others.

If you would like to host meetings in your area, or if you would be interested in attending meetings or receiving a visit or study in your home, please contact me on my cell phone: 304-633- 5411. I have a limited number of minutes on my cell phone during the day, but if you call before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. (my local time - currently Mountain time) I have unlimited minutes. Also, if you call using a Cingular cell phone we can talk anytime without using your minutes, nor mine. You may also e-mail me at meetings@presenttruth.info to arrange a meeting. We hope to see you soon. Until then, keep looking up, “for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)


Upcoming Meetings in Your Area

Here is the currently-planned 2007 itinerary for Lynnford Beachy:

Feb. 16, 17    Dallas, Texas, contact John Fibranz, 817-380-3000.

Feb. 23, 24    Pensacola, Florida, contact Chaplain Jack VanOrd, 850-458-5549.

Feb. 28-Mar. 4    Florida Camp Meeting near Orlando, contact Jim or Jerri Raymond, 407-291-9565.

July 11-15    Northwestern Pennsylvania Camp Meeting, contact Calvin and Paula Bickel, 814-676-8660.

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An Update on Michael Sibanda

(A fellow believer on death row in Zimbabwe, falsely accused of murdering his wife.)

This is to update you on the case of Michael Sibanda who has been in a prison cell for nearly ten years. He is still very active in sharing the gospel with others. Recently we received the following letter:

“Hello, I am incarcerated in Harare Central Prison here in Zimbabwe, Africa. I am one of the inmates with Michael Sibanda whose name is familiar to you, we are both on death-row. The interest to know God better has driven me to write you this letter asking for some books and other reading material you are able to send, and also to ask you to pray for me to be exonerated if ever this will be according to God's will. I have been introduced to you by Brother Michael who has caused everyone on death-row to be a Christian through the material you gave him. Unfortunately Michael is also unable to provide enough books to everyone of us to get the full information about the love of God. What touches me most is to know that God is love despite the condemnation we receive from the world. Some of us used to fear when considering our fate, but through Michael’s admonition that we should not fear execution but God instead, I have courage. He told us that death is not an issue but what is most important is to know God's love and His Son, Jesus Christ, who was offered as an expiation for our sins. I would also like to receive your monthly newsletters, Present Truth. I still have a chance to get an alternative sentence since my case is yet to be reviewed by the Supreme Court. That is why I am earnestly asking you to pray for me. I hope my request will be considered. Yours sincerely, Busani.”

Please pray for these dear Brothers in bonds. If you are interested in writing to Busani, Michael or to Michael’s mother, please contact us and request their addresses.    Editor

Fundamental Principles of Health

by Curtis Kline

That thou may be made whole

Now that we have looked into the eight laws of health, maybe it is a good time to take a step back and try to establish some foundational principles and some goals and objectives when it comes to health. Having worked in health food stores for the last four months, I am surprised to see so many people without a foundation or objectives when it comes to health. Many compile information (which is often conflicting) and try to analyze the information and to come to the conclusion that will give them the best results usually with the least amount of work or change. This is not true health from a biblical perspective.

Looking at health from a biblical standpoint, let’s start with the basic premise that when Jesus made a person whole the person was exactly that, “made whole.” So, when it comes to Bible health, we must begin with the fundamental principle that it is God’s desire to make us whole. This includes reflecting God’s image in body, mind, and spirit because we were made in the image of God. “Ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” (1 Corinthians 6:20) We must come to the conclusion that true healing deals with the physical, mental, and spiritual. If we fall short in any of these areas we cannot claim to be 100% healed in the truest sense of the word. Also, the mind, body, and spirit are so interrelated that we cannot have true healing in one area if the other areas are lacking or have not been addressed. We can see improvements in each area separate from one another, but this doesn’t constitute complete healing.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say we have a non-believer who is depressed, on a bad diet, and feeling very poor. This person can start eating better and implementing the eight laws of health. He will feel somewhat better. However, until he addresses the mental and the spiritual he will not have complete health or purpose in life. This same principle applies to each aspect of the being. For example, one can give his life to God and he will not start to totally feel better until he starts taking better care of the body. One can address mental issues also, but he will not have complete health until the spiritual and physical are addressed.

If God is infinite in knowledge and the source of all happiness, it stands to reason that only when we are living up to what we were created to be, we experience complete happiness. Are you not glad that God, in His infinite wisdom, will not let us experience complete happiness until we are living up to His purpose for creating us? The bottom line is that the image of God in man was lost when Adam sinned. Christ came and perfectly reflected the image of God. This is God’s intention for man. So when the mystery is finished, “Christ in you the hope of glory,” then, and only then, will God’s complete purpose for your life be fulfilled. Let us accept Christ today, and every day, and others will see the “true health” that only comes from God.

In closing, I would like to put out a Macedonian cry, if you will. I have found that through meeting man’s physical needs an avenue is opened to the soul and a better opportunity is afforded to address the mental and the spiritual needs. Being in the health field, I see much physical healing in which God does not get the credit. It is a sad situation to see spiritualism or witchcraft bring partial healing to people, usually using principles that, in part, come from God. The Lord has put a burden on my heart to establish lifestyle centers and health food stores in the cities before a knowledge of God is totally gone and the world is once again ripe for destruction as in the days of Noah. If there are those who have a burden for God’s healing ways and have talents that could help the work go forward please contact me to discuss the issue. This is truly a great venture but, with God, all things are possible. Oh, what a marvelous thing it will be to see this earth once again filled with the glory of God.

Until next time, I wish you God’s blessings.


(The above article was provided by Curtis Kline, Director of Bible Health Solutions. For more in-depth information he can be contacted at curkli@yahoo.com. You can visit his website at: www.biblehealthsolutions.com. While we believe the principles in this article can be helpful, we are not responsible for any negative effects resulting from the use of remedies or recommendations herein. Use them at your own risk.    Editor)

Health Note

by Lynnford Beachy

Recently the FDA approved the sale of cloned meat and their dairy products. You will soon find these products in your local grocery stores, and may not be informed of their source. It has long been known that the use of meat and dairy products can be harmful to your health, these recent developments confirm this reality. If you use meat and dairy products it would be wise to only use products from free-range animals that have not been fed hormones and chemicals, and have not been genetically modified.     Editor

Waggoner on Romans — The Gospel in Paul’s Great Letter  (Part 10)    by Ellet J. Waggoner

(We are continuing a series of articles commenting on Paul’s epistle to the Romans. We pray that they will be a blessing to you.    Editor)

Believing God’s Tremendous Promise

Chapter 4

The ultimate object of studying any Bible book in detail is to be able to take in the entire book at one glance. The second chapter and the first portion of the third of Romans have given us the information that all men are in the same deplorable condition. Then comes the brighter side in the last part of the third chapter, in which the free grace of God is set forth in Christ as the Saviour of sinners. And now in the fourth chapter we have the final argument concerning justification by faith.

The Blessing of Abraham—Romans 4:1-12

What shall we say then that Abraham our father, as pertaining to the flesh, hath found? For if Abraham were justified by works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before God. For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works, Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin. Cometh this blessedness then upon the circumcision only, or upon the uncircumcision also? for we say that faith was reckoned to Abraham for righteousness. How was it then reckoned? when he was in circumcision, or in uncircumcision? Not in circumcision, but in uncircumcision. And he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had yet being uncircumcised: that he might be the father of all them that believe, though they be not circumcised; that righteousness might be imputed unto them also: And the father of circumcision to them who are not of the circumcision only, but who also walk in the steps of that faith of our father Abraham, which he had being yet uncircumcised.

“As Pertaining to the Flesh”— Abraham was not the father, or ancestor, according to the flesh, of all those to whom Paul addressed the epistle. The question under consideration is justification by faith. If now it can be shown that even Abraham received no righteousness through the flesh, but that it was only by faith, the case will be practically settled.

No Place for Glorying—If in the plan of salvation there were any such thing as righteousness by works, then there would be provision made for boasting. For if one may be saved by works, then all men may be; and then those who were saved might boast of their superiority to others in like circumstances. But we have already learned that boasting is excluded. “God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; and base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to naught things that are; that no flesh should glory in his presence.” (1 Corinthians 1:27-29)

Glorying In, and Glorying Before—If Abraham were justified by works, he might glory; but the fact is that he can not glory before God; and the proof of this is found in the words of Scripture: “Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.” A man can be justified by works when it can be shown that he has done no wrong. In that case he needs no faith; his works speak for themselves. But Abraham was justified by faith, and therefore it is evident that he was not justified by any works. He who is justified only by the works of God, will glory only in those works. That is glorying in God, and is far different from glorying before God.

Paul and James—Here is where nearly everybody quotes the words of James, “Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?” (James 2:21) Unfortunately this text is usually quoted as a disparagement of the words of Paul. It seems to be taken for granted that there is a contradiction between Paul and James; and sympathy naturally leans to James, because people like to believe that there is some merit in their own works, and they imagine that this is what James teaches. Indeed, there are some who hold that James wrote for the purpose of correcting Paul’s “extreme views” of justification by faith.

We may well throw all such foolish and wicked ideas to the winds. No one need hope to come to an understanding of the Scriptures until he approaches them with the settled conviction that “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” The Holy Spirit does not at one time inspire words which must later on be corrected.

Faith Working—The trouble with those who thus read the words of James is that they suppose that the apostle says that Abraham was justified by his own works of faith. “Seest thou how faith wrought?” That is ever the mark of living faith, as the apostle is showing. And that is just the statement of the apostle Paul. The last verse of the third chapter of Romans tells us that by faith we establish the law.

Moreover, the very term “justification” shows that faith performs the requirement of the law. Faith makes a man a doer of the law, for that is the meaning of the term “justification by faith.” So in James we read that the works of Abraham simply showed the perfection of his faith. “And the Scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness.” The apostle James, therefore, teaches the same kind of justification that Paul does. If he did not, one or the other or both of them would be discredited as apostles. Justification by faith which works is the only kind of justification known in the Bible.

Debt and Grace—“Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt.” It is necessary to keep in mind what the apostle is writing about. The subject is the means by which a man is justified. To him that works for justification, the reward of righteousness is not a gift of grace, but the payment of a debt. That is, it would be so if there were any righteousness by works. In that case, the man would come to the Lord and demand of him his due.

But no man can put the Lord under obligation to him. “Who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?” (Romans 11:35) If any one could do something for the Lord for which the Lord would be under obligation to him, then all things would not be from him. That is to say, the idea of justification by works is opposed to the fact that God is the Creator of all things. And, conversely, the recognition of God as Creator is the acknowledgment that righteousness comes from him alone.

Justifying the Ungodly—God justifies the ungodly. No others need justification. But mark that he does not justify ungodliness. That would be to call evil good, and to deny himself. But he justifies or makes righteous the ungodly, and that is just what they need. He justifies the believing sinner by making him a new man in Christ Jesus, and this he can do and still be just. To make a new man in righteousness is perfectly in harmony with his own character as Creator.

Working Not—“But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.” Bear in mind that justification is the subject under consideration. When the apostle speaks of not working, it is evident that he means not working in order to be justified. A man is not made just by works, but the just man works yet always by faith. “The just shall live by faith.” It is faith that makes him continue to live justly. The reality of the works of faith is made more prominent in the latter part of this chapter.

The Blessedness Described— The blessedness of the man unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works is the blessedness of sins forgiven, and of freedom from the power of sin. God will not impute sin to the man who lives by faith in Christ, so that Christ’s works are his works. “As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him;... for in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him.” (Colossians 2:6-10)

Blessings to Jew and Gentile— This blessedness comes alike to the circumcision and to the uncircumcision. We have here a repetition of the truth set forth in the third chapter, namely, that there is no difference in the matter of justification. Abraham is the father of the Jewish nation after the flesh, but the blessing which he received was while he was uncircumcised, the same as any other Gentile. Therefore he can be the father of both the Jews and the Gentiles. His blessing was received by faith, and therefore “they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.” (Galatians 3:9)

How the Blessing Comes—We have some time ago seen that the blessing came to Abraham through Christ. In another place the apostle Paul tells us that “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us; for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree; that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.” (Galatians 3:13, 14)

Whatever was promised to Abraham was all contained in the blessing which David described. God sent his Son to bless us in turning every one of us away from our iniquities. Acts 3:26. It is the cross of Christ that transmits the blessings of Abraham to us. Therefore the blessings are spiritual. None of the blessings promised to Abraham were merely temporal. And this further shows that the inheritance promised to Abraham and his seed is only to those who are the children of God through faith in Christ Jesus.

Circumcision is Nothing—The advantage of those who are circumcised was that to them were intrusted the oracles of God; but that did not come to them through circumcision. Circumcision was only a sign; it was not the thing itself. It was given to Abraham as a token of the righteousness by faith which he already possessed. Therefore it could not signify anything more to anybody else. If any who were circumcised did not have righteousness, then their circumcision did not signify anything. “Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God.” (1 Corinthians 7:19) So Abraham was the father of the circumcised, provided they were not of the circumcision only, but had righteousness by faith, which is the one necessary thing.

Everything in Christ—Speaking of Christ, the apostle says, “All the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.” (2 Corinthians 1:20) There is no promise of God to any man [aside from in Christ].

(To be continued)

(This article was taken from a series of articles printed in The Signs of the Times from October, 1895 through September, 1896. Some editing has been done for this publication.    Editor)


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