Bible Study Bookmarks – Nov-Dec 2014

I had been praying for a way to effectively witness for some time. Several decades ago I had put together a series of tracts on some of the central doctrines of the Christian faith: the character of God, the Son of God, the Sabbath, death, creation vs. evolution, etc. I like tracts because they are smaller than a book and have a greater likelihood of being read by the busy populace. The tracts I had needed to be updated and reprinted, but I didn’t feel God leading me in that direction, at least not yet. I tried a few other witnessing options, but they too never really seemed to pan out.

I really don’t recall how the idea came to me, to put Bible topics on a bookmark—small and compact and easy to share; I only know the Lord led me to it. He made me realize I could do a series of bookmarks on important faith topics, just like tracts, only handier. What would be more perfect for this instant-access generation? They would fit easily in my purse, and because they were stiff cardstock they wouldn’t get wrinkled. And I could deposit them anywhere: in a restaurant, a grocery cart, at the chiropractor’s office, government office, on a park bench—the possibilities were endless.


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The first bookmark was to be on the most important topic to me, the gospel as it relates to righteousness by faith; the only challenge being that it is, well, small and compact—it’s hard to fully develop a topic on a 2×8 card. But the Lord was in it and it came together nicely, I think, and I’ve had some very positive feedback. Apparently the Lord knows what He’s doing because others have been looking for something like this as well. All praise to Him!

(This bookmark is printed in the pdf version. Contact us to receive your own color copies. Pat is in the process of preparing more bookmarks on various topics. Editor)Gospel Bookmark

Gospel Bookmark2