Letters from our Readers – #226

“Greetings and multiplied blessings to you and your family and the flock of Jesus Christ our blessed Saviour and Lord. Praise God for His daily provisions spiritually, mentally, and physically. To God be the glory. Tell Sarah, I appreciate so much the poem she put in the newsletter. What a blessing!”


“Your books are a real blessing to me! I can’t give much today; but I hope I can send more soon. May God bless you richly and use you as His ambassador!”

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“I use to live in ____, but I moved to ____, I will appreciate if you change my address in your database. Thanks.”

New York

(Thank you for keeping us up to date on your current address.            Editor)

“I am writing from prison to thank you for your wonderful Present Truth Ministry. I am donating a small amount to Present Truth Fellowship and I am requesting the following books. 1) A copy of your new book: Putting on the New Man. 2) A copy of: Shelter in the Storm. 3) A copy of: 100 Facts About the Sabbath.”

Prisoner in Oregon

“Glad to get your newsletter and see you are still solid. We don’t have internet so we have little and are hanging on to our studies of the platform or foundation principles. Your papers and books have been some of the easiest to follow and share. We would like three to five dozen of the latest newsletter to distribute in this area. The videos you mentioned would be good on a thumb-drive, plus other insightful info for this time. Your Bible presentations are great and we appreciate your Nehemiah 8:8 approach. May God bless your journey toward Christ, your family and ministry. Pray for a local Church of God pastor to whom I gave a Days of Noah video. He is studying JN Andrews, History of the Sabbath and Great Controversy. Hope this contribution will cover our requests and keep the presses rolling. Please send a dozen The Source of Love booklets, and two Mark of the Beast booklets also. Thanks.”

North Carolina

“Good morning, I have a testimony to share about how the Holy Spirit of Jesus protected the booklet, Understanding the Personality of God, which I lost at a State Park. I went there this morning, hoping to find it on a bench in the parking lot. When I was going to leave, a park ranger said to me that the wind probably blew it away. I don’t give up easily, so I went looking around the river area and immediately I saw a white paper and as I got closer I realized it was the booklet, so I went down and got it. The wind blew it away and it was down in the river area on a large rock. It didn’t get wet with the morning dew or the water from the river. I was confused because as I prayed the night before, the Holy Spirit said to me that the book was in the park, but I couldn’t find it. God always comes around in a special way. I have a couple of people I have studied with who are now part of the One True God movement. We have a fellowship here in Tennessee. I have Christ in You, God’s Love on Trial, and I just finished reading them.”


“Please send a free subscription of your Bible study papers. A friend gave me the God’s Love on Trial Bible Lessons 1-12. Please send the follow up lessons to the address below. Yours in glory and truth.”


“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, please cancel my subscription to your wonderful newsletter. I am being released this month and going home. Hallelujah!!! I have appreciated the publication and have circulated it among my fellow inmates. May God continue to bless you and yours in accomplishing His will through your ministry. Stay safe. Stay healthy!”

Prisoner in California

“Dear Brother, I pray you will be able to continue your ministry until the coming of our Dear Saviour.”


“Please send me a copy of Putting on the New Man.”


“I received the package today. Thanks so much. I would like 10-15 of The Holy Spirit pamphlet if you may. I am praying for your ministry. May the Lord bless you real good this week.”


“This letter is in response for the address service requested. This world seems to be drunk on hateful rage and revenge. Every war seems to pay for the previous war, but Psalms 91:7 tells me ‘it shall not come nigh thee.’ I quit smoking cigarettes two months before my incarceration. It will still be a battle when I get out, except for verse 11 is so important to me especially Matthew 6:10 in earth not on, so His will be done in me not on me. It makes it clear that I have a conscious choice. My Bible is alive to me and I thank you for your hope and clear thinking in Word studies. I try to abstain from all unclean meat!! Yours in Christ, Farewell!!”

Prisoner in Montana

“Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list! Take care and enjoy your day. God bless. Prayers coming your way.”

Prisoner in California

“We pray you and your family have the joy of the Father and His Son Jesus Christ in abundance in your life. May the Lord always bless your ministry.”


“Just want to let you know that I was so very pleased when I, once again, got your Present Truth paper! Thank you so much and may God richly bless you.”


“Thank you for my recent Present Truth with the great article, ‘Be Not Troubled.’ It was so good I’m going to share it with friends. I pray God will continue to bless your ministry and we will soon see Him in His glorious appearing. Praise Him!”


“Hello Brother. I’m not sure exactly which books I want because I can’t see what all is available on the website. The only one that I really know about is The Formulation of the Doctrine of the Trinity and I know that I want some of that book. I just need to know more about all the books and how much they are. I really enjoy reading your studies. I’m new to the Sabbath truth and the truth about the trinity and I’m just starving for the Word. I do know that I’d like one copy of each publication for myself. So, everything that’s in the file you sent, every book, every study, and just everything, I’d like one copy—even the one at the bottom in Spanish. Let me know how much it would cost to get 10 copies of every publication in English and 5 copies of everything in Spanish? I can’t afford much right now and would like to start a study group and give everyone that joins the study group one copy of everything. Also, I am starting a YouTube channel to help get this truth out there and would like to use this material in my videos and also mention Present Truth Fellowship in the videos and share the link to your website as well as the PDFs of all of the material. Is that okay to do? If so, is it also possible to receive all of these publications in PDF format? I was able to download a few from the website but couldn’t find them all. Also, I’d like to make a donation. Do I do it through email with you or on your site?”


“Please send pamphlets on The Millennium, What the Bible Says About Hell, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Thank you.”

South Carolina

“I am beginning to tithe the money I am making here in prison. I am doing this in obedience to God’s word and standing on His promise in Malachi 3:8-11. Much of what we study comes from you – so thank you! This money is not much, but I don’t make much, this is 10% of my income. I will continue to be faithful to that which the Lord gives to me. All good things come from Him above. Thank you for your good work!”

Prisoner in Oregon

“I have received your most recent issue of Present Truth. You mentioned some booklets I would like to order, The Mark of the Beast, A Time to Choose, Shelter in the Storm, You Must be Born Again, The Source of Love, The Law of God, 100 Facts About the Sabbath, and God’s Love on Trial. Stay well and healthy.”


“I am currently incarcerated in Federal Prison and recently began re-discovering my faith. I found your contact information in a prisoner resource guide and I am writing with interest in your organization. I am interested in your newsletter as well as any and all information you may have that pertains to my current situation in life. Thank you for your time and consideration in my request. God bless!”

Prisoner in Mississippi

“Greeting in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I would like to thank the Lord Almighty for blessing me with the book God’s Love on Trial. I went to the shop yesterday and someone gave me this book that changed my life. I am a Christian and the book gave me wisdom and understanding of God’s Word. Please send me more books to read. I’m so blessed.”

South Africa