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09 – Chapter 9 – Sunday Legislation

Whence came Sunday Legislation? What is its origin? What is its character? What does it mean to the people of the States, of the United States, and of the world? These questions are pre-eminently pertinent everywhere in the United States today; for in the ...Read More

08 – Chapter 8 – Individuality the Supreme Gift

Government exists in the very nature of the existence of intelligent creatures. For the very term “creature” implies the Creator; and as certainly as any intelligent creature is, he owes to the Creator all that he is. And, in recognition of this fact, he ...Read More

07 – Chapter 7 – Recapitulation

We have now traced in the Word of God the principle of the divine right of individuality in religion, as that principle is applied and illustrated as relates to autocracy, to government of the supremacy and inflexibility of law, to the union of Church ...Read More

05 – Chapter 5 – As Between Individuals – Individuality in Religion

From the Scriptures it is plain that the divine right of individuality in religion stands supreme in the presence of autocratic monarchy; in the presence of any decree, statute, or law, of any government; in the presence of the church in control of the ...Read More

04- Chapter 4 – As Related to the Church Itself

We have seen that no monarchical government has any right to enforce or require any religious observance; and that when any such power does so, the right of individuality in religion is supreme, and the monarch’s word must change. We have found also that ...Read More

01 – As Related to Autocracy – Individuality in Religion

In the nature of things there is no rightful room for the domination of others in the life and affairs of the soul of the individual person. This is peculiarly and supremely the realm of God alone, who created man in His own image ...Read More

03 – As Relates to Church and State – Individuality in Religion

By most remarkable facts and unquestionable experiences, in the case of King Nebuchadnezzar and the three Hebrew young men, there was made plain forever the divine truth and principle that with the religion of the people no monarch can of right have anything to ...Read More

02 – As Related to the Supremacy of the Law – Individuality in Religion

The world-power and empire of Babylon passed away forever; and another took its place—the power and empire of Medo-Persia. Here was another principle of government, and here there is given to the world another lesson in religious liberty. In the Medo-Persian empire the principle ...Read More

00- Individuality in Religion – Book Contents and Introduction

(The following  book is entitled, “Individuality in Religion,” by Alonzo T. Jones. There is no printing date on the book, but it was first printed between 1890 and 1923. The book contains information so valuable that I believe every person in the world should ...Read More