God’s Love on Trial – Contents

God_on_Trial_Title_onlyby Lynnford Beachy

Do You Really Know the God of the Bible?

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Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, came to this earth to give us an understanding, that we may know the true God of the Bible (1 John 5:20). Do you know Him as He is revealed in His Word, and in Christ, or have you settled for some philosophical conception of God in His place? This book will help you answer that question.


Table of Contents

The Origin of the Trial

Eve in the Garden of Eden
The Great Controversy

An Angel With a Vital Message
The Most Important Trial of All Time

The Biblical View of God

The One God of the Bible
The Love of God

The Only Begotten Son of God
The Death of the Son of God
The Holy Spirit

Christianity’s Foundation Under Attack

Heresies Arose
The Council of Nicaea

Sonship of Christ Becomes Orthodox
Eternal Generation
The Foundation of the Man of Sin
“Begotten” Deleted from Newer Translations
Solid Rock or Shifting Sand

An Examination of Some of the
Most Popular Views About God


Download in PDF or Booklet PDF or A4 PDF (for Overseas) or Spanish or Romanian

The Official Catholic View
The Athanasian Creed

The Orthodox Trinity
The Orthodox Trinity Illustrated
Modalism (Jesus only)
Modalism Illustrated
Tritheism Illustrated
Applying the Knowledge
A Few Questions