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07 – Chapter 7 – Recapitulation

We have now traced in the Word of God the principle of the divine right of individuality in religion, as that principle is applied and illustrated as relates to autocracy, to government of the supremacy and inflexibility of law, to the union of Church ...Read More

05 – Chapter 5 – As Between Individuals – Individuality in Religion

From the Scriptures it is plain that the divine right of individuality in religion stands supreme in the presence of autocratic monarchy; in the presence of any decree, statute, or law, of any government; in the presence of the church in control of the ...Read More

04- Chapter 4 – As Related to the Church Itself

We have seen that no monarchical government has any right to enforce or require any religious observance; and that when any such power does so, the right of individuality in religion is supreme, and the monarch’s word must change. We have found also that ...Read More