Fundamental Principles of Health

Trust in Divine PowerPower

Hello again dear friends. This month I’m excited that we get to talk about the most important law of the eight laws of health: trusting in God. Considering we live in a fallen and polluted world, even when we do the best we can, it is still only the power of God that can keep us healthy. Trusting in God fortifies the mind and assists the body in keeping all the proper hormones and electrical currents running through the system. When we trust in the Lord it is an acknowledgment on our part that we are not trusting in our own works or ourselves. Although our works are important, God wants his children to understand that it is only His mighty hand that can keep us from evil and sickness in the world.

The world has been marred by sin, yet when we look at nature and have our understanding enlightened by the Holy Spirit we can comprehend something of God’s loving character. Look at fruit for example; every time you cut open a watermelon and see all those seeds, this should speak to your heart concerning our heavenly Father’s desire to give us good things. Every beautiful flower, every blade of grass, and every bird that warbles through the sky and sings his beautiful song is a testimony of a God of love. Most importantly, we can see God’s loving, giving nature in the gift of all gifts, His Son Jesus Christ.  For our Heavenly Father to allow His Son to be torn from His bosom to come to a world filled with sin and suffering should leave a vivid impression on our minds. For Him to allow His only begotten Son to die a cruel and miserable death, separated from his loving Father, all so that we might regain a right to the tree of life is beyond comprehension. Dear friends, let us not, for a moment, trifle with such a gift. What more could He have done to save us? Let us, at once, come into a saving relationship with our heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. As stated by the prophet Jeremiah, “O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.” (Jeremiah 10:23) In closing, let’s truly learn what it means to trust God and stop trusting ourselves. This will bring the rest spoken of in Hebrews Chapters 3 and 4 that many of us have not yet experienced. True health is a result of “Trusting in God.”

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