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Inflammation and Cellular DamageLight

What is the primary cause of disease in the body? Inflammation can be related to almost every human disease. So just what is inflammation and why is it so damaging to the body. Inflammation is a neurotransmitter response at the cellular level. The reason for inflammation is because cells and tissue have been damaged by free radicals. “Well,” one may ask, “how do cells get damaged?” There are several answers. A healthy cell is designed to function properly, absorb nutrition, eliminate toxins and duplicate itself. There are two major factors that can cause a healthy cell to become an unhealthy cell. The first factor is toxic buildup. When toxins build up in the body the first response of the body is to try to eliminate the toxins through five eliminatory channels (The bowels, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin). Once the overload becomes too great, the next step is for the liver to try to store the toxins. Once the liver is overloaded, the poor body has no choice but to store the toxins in the tissue. Once enough toxins are stored in the tissue, the tissue becomes saturated with toxins. These toxins inside the cells can cause big problems. The problems can range from DNA and RNA damage to mitochondria damage. When the cells become overloaded with toxins, they can send out neurotrans- missions calling for help. If the inflammation is ignored or masked through drugs, then the inflammation worsens and opens the door for chronic illness.

The nature of the illness only depends on where the inflammation sets in first in the body. If it is in the veins and arteries, then you have arteriosclerosis. If it starts shutting down the higher functions of the cells, then you have cancer. If it gets in the colon, then you have IBS, or leaky gut syndrome, or Crohn’s disease, etc.

From the above information, there are several obvious preventative factors that can keep us from disease and also slow down the aging processes.

1 Keep all five eliminatory channels clean through good diet, colon cleanses, liver support, kidney support, lung and skin purity.

2 Support your immune system. This can be done through good diet and herbs and power foods.

3 Get plenty of vitamins and antioxidants from pure whole food sources. All the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals work very proportionately and synergistically in the body. Due to poor nutrition through modern-day food, there are certain power foods that can seriously bolster the body on the nutritional level.

4 Follow the eight laws of health.

Remember, inflammation is a sign of toxicity and lack of nutrition in the body. Inflammation is caused by free radical damage at the cellular level and powerful antioxidant support is needed to stop the process.

Until next month, blessings from Curtis.

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