Fundamental Principles of Health

Exercise (Part 1)Running

Hello Friends,

I’ve been receiving much correspondence and I would like to clarify a few issues. Physical healing and spiritual healing have many similarities. When we look at spiritual healing please notice that the born-again experience isn’t a modification of the old man or nature. It is a new birth or a re-creation, if you will, of the spiritual nature. God is not only the Creator. He is also the Re-Creator. If He didn’t have re-creative ability there would be no hope for man to bear the perfect image of His Maker again. The reason I bring this point out is that many who are sick often look to modify or adjust their lifestyle while continuing to violate some of the laws of health, and they expect to be healed.

Now, please remember that we are dealing with eight laws of health. (See the last few issues of Present Truth for more details.) Although each one of these laws are powerful in and of themselves, let us understand that it takes compliance with all eight in order to be made and kept physically whole. Just as James says that if you break one of the Ten Commandments, which deal with spiritual laws, you have broken them all, so it is the same with health laws. (James 2:10) A violation of any one will eventually and surely work its woeful results. Many who contact me are sick, but they want to take an “herb” or maybe make a little change and try to somehow reap the results that only come by total submission to God’s eight laws of health. In doing this we show that we truly don’t have an understanding of God’s health laws or maybe even the plan of salvation, for that matter. For the Bible says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Having said that, let’s move on to health law #2, which is exercise. Exercise is very important to the health and well being of us all. Optimal health is dependant on exercise and motion. If you tie your arm in a sling and do not use it for a month, it will come out much weaker than before. There are millions of chemical reactions constantly taking place in the body and they are all dependant in one way or another on movement. Exercise is beneficial in many ways. It allows you to breathe deeper than normal, thus filling the lungs to a greater capacity and saturating the whole system with life-giving oxygen. It increases the heart rate, allowing the blood to circulate more rapidly through the system, which clears out the arteries and brings greater supplies of oxygen and nutrition to the cells. It burns energy which allows the cells to become “hungry,” if you will. This is important especially for those with blood sugar level problems such as diabetes. If the cells are not hungry for glucose they will not have as many receptor sites on the cell membrane. If these sites are not present the cell becomes what is called insulin resistant. The insulin can only escort the glucose into the cell through these receptor sites. If they are not present on the membrane of the cell, the glucose doesn’t get into the cell and the blood sugar levels go higher and also fluctuate more rapidly. The theory behind the problem is simply that the body is not using enough glucose to support what it is making.

The right kind of exercise is also very important for the lymphatic system. Without exercise the lymphatic system can become sluggish and the proper fluids and hormones are not transported as they should be, which, in turn, can cause many health problems.

Exercise is also extremely important in the healing process. When the body is in a state of disease or sickness, it needs the constant ability to bring nutrients to the cells and also to eliminate waste from the system. Without exercise every day these processes take place more slowly in the body and make it either difficult or impossible for the healing threshold to be broken.

These are just a few examples of the importance of quality exercise. You could fill books and books with information on the benefits and responsibility for all to exercise. The bottom line is that God made us to be active. God saw it necessary after man’s fall to increase our labor for the health of the body and to slow down the degenerative processes that take place in the body on a day to day basis as a result of us living in a fallen world. This is one of the reasons why He cursed the ground for man’s sake. It was in order to increase our labor and level of exercise. Next month we will look at what types of exercise we should be doing and we will try and clear up some myths in this area. Until then, may God bless you all with abundant health. (3 John 1:2)


(The above article was provided by Curtis Kline, Director of Ministry of Healing and Restoration, Canvas, WV. For more in-depth information he can be contacted at (304) 872-4463 or While we believe the principles in this article can be helpful, we are not responsible for any negative effects resulting from the use of remedies or recommendations herein. Use them at your own risk.    Editor)