Fundamental Principles of Health

Exercise Part 2Riding a bike

Hello Friends,

Last month we talked about the importance of exercise. This month I would like to talk about the right kinds of exercise and also some dos and don’ts. So let’s start with the good types of exercise, then we will get to those that are not so good. worse. First off let’s start with gardening. Gardening is one of the best forms of exercise. It is done usually in the open air and sunshine. It requires many different types of movement. It requires strength at times and also provides the body with a sense of satisfaction of accomplishment. Done properly gardening also provides us with the proper nutrition to put on our tables.

Before going further please notice carefully that when God’s eight laws of health are practiced properly and combined as they should be, there is a synergistic effect on the system, and the benefits are reaped to a much higher degree than practicing any one by themselves.

Another great exercise is walking. Walking, done properly, exercises almost every muscle in the body. Walking should be done outdoors optimally on a hilly terrain. This will allow for a better cardiovascular workout, and the peaceful environment will put the mind in a better condition. Walking should be done with the body erect and the head up and back, taking deep inhalations with the lungs.

Gardening and walking are in my opinion the two best forms of exercise when done properly. Other good exercises (when done properly) can include aerobics, calisthenics, biking, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, rebounding, and mild non-competitive sports. Although these can all be good, none can give you the sense of satisfaction as gardening. Being able to cooperate with God in providing for our own sustenance and also for our community simply makes gardening the best of the best. This is very biblical, for this is the very first employment God gave to man. Although he changed the conditions it was still for man’s good after the fall.

I would like to touch on one more form of exercise that I do not recommend; that is running. Although running is probably better than not exercising at all, there are many disadvantages that come with it. First of all, running is very hard on the joints. The constant jumping up and down on the pavement causes many joint problems. Also running is very hard on the system. It takes the heart rate up to levels that are above that recommended and puts too much stress on the entire system. The more you run and the further you run the worse the results. If you are currently running all you have to do is start power walking, it is far superior to your health than running is.

What is the optimal frequency and intensity of our exercises? I believe one should have at least twenty minutes of good exercise per day. We should also be careful to practice moderation and not take exercise to the point where it puts stress on the body, as mentioned above concerning running. Signs of stress include, but are not limited to, lightheadedness and exhaustion.

I would like to close with some thoughts about what might take away from the desired results of exercise or may even be flat out detrimental. Exercise should be done outdoors whenever possible. Before signing up at a gym to exercise please consider some of the following. Indoor air is not of the same quality as outdoor air, and all outdoor air is not the same either. Country air or air around large bodies of water is optimal, while city air is polluted and to be avoided. The bigger the city, the more cars and factories, the more polluted is the air. Also, gyms usually play music that is detrimental to the health. Most beat-music goes against the natural biorhythms of the body and cannot be recommended. This is why you don’t find drums in God’s services in the Bible. Also all the mirrors in the gym tend to lead towards vanity and pull our thoughts away from our Creator. For these reasons, and more that are not mentioned, I cannot recommend gyms for exercise, except in rare cases where these problems do not exist.

I hope now that all of us can see the importance of exercise and some of the dos and don’ts. Until next month, may God keep you according to His will. (1 John 3:2)

(The above article was provided by Curtis Kline, Director of Ministry of Healing and Restoration, Canvas, WV. For more in-depth information he can be contacted at (304) 872-4463 or While we believe the principles in this article can be helpful, we are not responsible for any negative effects resulting from the use of remedies or recommendations herein. Use them at your own risk.    Editor)