Fundamental Principles of Health

Water (Part 1)Water

As we continue looking at the eight laws of health, I would like to say that it amazes me, as I study and experiment, to see the power God put into nature and in these eight laws of health for the healing of the body, mind and soul. It is even more amazing how they can help when they are all used together the way God designed us to live. I would like to encourage all to continue to strive to learn more about and to follow these established laws. Some will need to pray and make lifestyle changes to bring themselves into a better position to follow them. It may be difficult, but remember, “with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27) One thing I have learned is that it is much easier to practice these principles if we live in the country and are able to spend as much time as possible outdoors in the fresh air.

This month’s topic is water. Next to air, water is the most needful and most abundant substance on the planet. The human body, on average, is made up of 70% water. Water is essential for all body functions. It is also a cleansing agent vitally needed for the removal of toxins and foreign substances in the body. Water is the obvious beverage of choice provided to us by our God. Unfortunately the enemy has perverted the appetites and desires of many, and water is not a desirable drink for many. We have turned to sodas, coffee, alcohol, cider, caffeinated teas, and many other sugary drinks that are harmful to the body. Most of them actually remove water from the body instead of providing water. Even the water that comes into our homes can be damaging with the fluoride and chlorine and other chemicals that are added.

There are many opinions on what is the best kind of water to drink, even among very health conscience individuals. Let’s allow the Bible to help us in this matter. Originally man was placed in the Garden of Eden. There was a river flowing through the Garden of Eden, and I believe this is where Adam and Eve obtained their water. This water, being straight from the hand of God, surely had many powerful qualities that I would like to touch on. First of all, the world being undefiled, it was pure and free of contaminants. It probably had all the essential minerals for the body in a chelated form. It was also, probably, in a highly structured form of hexagonal molecules. It’s likely that it was vitalized and probably slightly alkaline. Let me say, it’s not my desire to prove all these statements. However, in my studies, I have found these to be some of the most positive and powerful properties of water for human health, and they would also be characteristic of pure spring water. Although some may wish to debate these points, I’m sure most would not want to make the argument that God put man in the Garden of Eden with a distiller or some other man made water treatment system.

Having established the ideal, we now move onto the sad reality. After six thousand years of sin and pollution, we live in a world where obviously “Garden of Eden” water is not attainable to most. There are many man-made inventions like distillers, reverse osmosis systems, and charcoal filtration systems. There is also a flood of science beginning to open on subjects such as oxygenating water, and using vortex and magnetic systems to change the molecular structure of water to a form conducive for use and function in the body. All these have their advantages and disadvantages. Many books have been written on these subjects. The bottom line is all have to make their own choices. However, I can leave you with some guidelines and suggestions for better results.

  • I recommend some kind of treatment system as opposed to tap water. With all the chemicals and lead pipes, the water that comes out of most faucets is not safe anymore.
  • If you buy bottled water, buy the kind in the heavy clear plastic, not the cloudy plastic you find most milk bottled in—this plastic has more tendency to leech into the water and contaminate it.
  • If you have a concern about contaminants in your water, sunlight is an excellent antibacterial agent.
  • Spring water is the best if the source can be trusted.
  • The average person should drink half their body weight in ounces per day. (If a person weighs 100 pounds, they should drink 50 ounces of water.)

Although some of the concepts are quite vague, finding the best answers concerning water can truly be a complicated process. Where you live and your personal resources have to be factored in also. The main point is that water is very important to your overall health. So do your homework, and do the best you can. Pray over your water that God will make up the difference. Until next month, may God bless you.

(The above article was provided by Curtis Kline, Director of Ministry of Healing and Restoration, Canvas, WV. For more in-depth information he can be contacted at (304) 872-4463 or While we believe the principles in this article can be helpful, we are not responsible for any negative effects resulting from the use of remedies or recommendations herein. Use them at your own risk.    Editor)