Letters from our Readers – Apr-Jun 2019

“Please resend the current January-March 2019 Present Truth titled, ‘The Source of Love.’ My latest issue got torn when going through the mail. Thank you.”


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“Thank you for the booklets.”

New Mexico

“We appreciate you. Thanks for keeping us on your mailing list. Blessings to you and the ministerial family.”


“We praise God for you and your ministry! Maranatha!”


“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your immense kindness! Praise the Lord. We cannot tell you what a blessing your books and material are! Thank you very much! May the Lord bless you exceedingly abundantly, is our prayer.”

New Mexico

“We SO appreciate the clarity with which you write and expound upon the truth of the Word of God. These books have been such a blessing to us and are tremendous outreach tools. We want to thank you and praise God for how He has used you in this critical work. We are looking forward to Roan Mountain Camp Meeting and seeing you there. Are you going to be speaking at any spring meetings anywhere near Virginia? Seems like a long time until September! May God bless you and give you courage and peace as you encounter resistance as you share these precious, essential truths. We feel so blessed to have received this light from Heaven! Praise the Father and His Son Jesus Christ!”


(I will be speaking in Washington State June 26-29, in Montana July 6, in Columbia, South America, July 10-23, and in Wisconsin August 24.     Editor)

“Thanks for all you did for us here in Indiana this Sabbath weekend. May the Lord bless in all you are doing for Him. May the angels keep you safe in all your travels. Thanks for all the literature you left here and what you are sending my way.”


“Dear Present Truth Fellowship, We appreciate your newsletters and wish we lived closer so we can come visit with you. We would like five copies of your conversion story and five copies of You Must be Born Again. Did you ever put a book together of Kids’ Korner? If you did we would like four copies of that. Thank you. God’s blessings!”


(Yes, we have a Kids’ Korner booklet now.     Editor)