Letters from our Readers – August 2017

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“I received your June Present Truth. Thank you so much. It was a real blessing to me. I’ll get right to the point. ‘take up your cross and follow me’. For sometime now I have been wondering just what does that mean. Now I know. Die to self. And I understand that exactly. I have been feeling many changes in myself for sometime. I just can’t stand to watch TV anymore. When I’m doing my Sabbath lesson, it seems the Bible just falls open to the book or text I am needing. I always ask God, the Father, to help me get my car inside of my garage without any damage. I know He is helping me. I have so many obstacles to watch out for. I pray I spelled that right. You see, I will be 90 years old in July. Yes, I am sure I have told you my age before. I pray for God’s blessings to be with you and your family. It is so good to get Present Truth again. This one was such a blessing. I plan on reading it over and over. Thank you.”

South Dakota

“Thank you for the continued subscription to Present Truth. I continue to enjoy them and enjoy reading about your ministry. …I pray we will still be able to receive your publication. Thank you again for everything.”

Prisoner in Michigan

“Hey Lynnford, thank you for the package. It couldn’t have come at a better time. … I am so glad that I have someone to help guide me along the way. You are a real godsend. Thank you. … I know as long as I follow God, I am safe. One of the things I need is a role model in my life because the people I look up to right now and in the past are walking the wrong path. I no longer need their acceptance in my life because I am my own person and want more for my life and the people around me. So, I thought about how you turned your life around and started helping people. I would like to do the same, so you kind of became my new role model if you like it or not. Thank you for your time and please send me more books. It’s good to stay busy. God bless you and your family. You are in my prayers.”

Juvenile Prisoner in Arkansas

“I am just writing to inform you all that I have changed facilities. Please, would you send all future Present Truth newsletters to the location written above. Thank you and God bless.”

Prisoner in New York

“I am writing because I have recently been moved to another prison. I have been getting your newsletters and they have been a great blessing. I would like to keep getting them. My new address is below. Thank you for everything.”

Prisoner in Missouri

“Please accept this donation to further the Lord’s cause. Your books are wonderful and timely. Would you please send me more? Thank you so much! May the Lord and His wonderful Son bless and keep you.”