Letters from our Readers – Jan-Mar 2019


“Thank you Pastor Lynnford for the Rescued from Addiction booklets. What a wonderful testimonial to share. My nephew has, just this week, come to the prelease home from the drug addiction program (9 Months) and previous to that a four year prison sentence, plus many previous sentences. I will share with him. Perhaps he will share with others. You are a blessing to our faith. I am so happy I made your acquaintance a few years back, at a camp meeting, where my sweet friend was baptized. My health has been very fragile. Please keep me in your prayers. May our blessed Saviour and our Father God be with you Lynnford, and with your family.”


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“Dear Present Truth, please send me everything you can to help me grow in Christ.”


“To all at Present Truth, May God abundantly bless your ministry in 2019 and may many souls be saved through your works. Lynnford, we always enjoy your Present Truth articles. Much love to all.”



“Thank you so much for sending the book The Formulation of the Doctrine of the Trinity per my telephone request. It was just what I thought it would be; a concise explanation! It arrived Friday before Sabbath, so I was able to read it on Sabbath afternoon. Thank you and may you be abundantly blessed.”

South Dakota

“I enjoy Plain Truth so very much. Thank you for mailing it to me. Now I am asking you to please send me the Truth on ‘Vain Religion.’ May God bless you.”

New Mexico


“We have been so blessed by your ministry. Can’t thank you enough. Thoughts and prayers.”


“We love your articles and your puzzles even though we are not kids. Here is a little donation. We will keep you on our giving list and send as we are blessed. Thank you for sharing with us. Please keep it up until the end time comes. May our Lord bless you immensely.”


“Greetings in the name of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! We hope this finds you well, of good courage and prospering in the Lord. We have been blessed by your ministry and the truth-filled materials you produce and want to thank you for your dedication and diligence in this work. We would like to receive some copies of your newsletter when you have a chance to send them. Please pray for us as we continue to attend our local church but yearn to fellowship with like-minded brethren. We are praying the Lord will give us opportunity to share the enriching truth He has brought to us which portrays the depth of His love so beautifully. May God bless you above all you could ask or think in Christ Jesus! We look forward to seeing you at camp meeting, Lord willing if He should tarry. Yours in the Blessed Hope.”


“Could I get some small pamphlets? Ten each, The Love of God, What Must I do to be Saved, Finding Your Identity, and 25 The Holy Spirit, and anything else you think I might need. I am in trouble with my church for using this literature. Please pray I can tell it as the Bible says it. I am praying for you and your family.


“Hello I would like to be put on your mailing list for your awesome newsletter. I thank you for your ministry. May God our Father continue to bless you all through Jesus Christ our Lord. I have been reading through all your tracts and books, and praise God for them. I got myself a printer and started to print your tracts. I work as a delivery driver and thought I could put it to use by spreading your tracts. Thank you very much. For the love of the truth. Many thanks.”


“A friend of mine recently gave me a book, God’s Love on Trial. It has opened my eyes. I would love to receive your newsletter. Thank you for the work that you are doing. I think the great shaking of our church has begun. Again thank you so very much. With much warm love.”


“I am writing to request that you place me on your mailing list for a subscription to your booklet, Present Truth. I have recently read a few of the back issues that a friend and brother has, and I would love to start receiving them for myself. I truly appreciate your work and what you do to spread the gospel. Thank you very much.”

Prisoner in Michigan

“I must share my gratitude for what you have written. I confess my blind phariseical resistance.  By reading the works of you and others I have learned and am still learning beautiful truths from the Word of God I never saw before. I wanted to say thank you! In your writings you made reference to a book you have written on the council of Nicea. How may I obtain this book? Again thank you.  May God the Father bless you with joy and peace.”


“Thank you for your Present Truth newsletter. We appreciate the articles and are glad to receive each issue. May our God supply everything you need and more.”


“I love these studies [Bible Lessons] and so look forward to them. I like how the studies are laid out and appreciate the verses. I would like to do more.”

Prisoner in New York