Letters from our Readers – Jul-Sep 2019

“While attending Lifeline Wellness Center in Knoxville, Illinois, I noticed they had a free book section and I started browsing. The book I picked was Gods Love on Trial, I just gravitated towards it. God’s fate 🙂 I kept asking myself that I wanted to understand the trinity because I didn’t. Then God showed me the truth and how happy am I that this book was at Lifeline! I’m so grateful to God and Lynnford Beachy! I’d love to get a subscription to my home. I’d love to get a couple copies for my church and anyone that God leads me to. I’d like all of the following books in both English and Spanish: God’s Love on Trial, Christ in You, Understanding the Personality of God, and Answering Objections.”


“Dear Present Truth Fellowship, First, I want to thank you for all of your help in spreading the truth of God’s Word and thank you for sending the list of materials that you have. I have always enjoyed learning about God’s word; it is always a blessing to learn His holy truth. I pray that He continues to bless you all in your spreading of His word. Next, I would like to request some of your materials for study, if you would, please send the following items, God’s Love on Trial, Understanding the Personality of God, Answering Objections, A Time to Choose, God’s Love on Trial Bible Lessons, These Last Days Bible Lessons, and Study to Show Thyself Approved. If you would please send those to me. Thank you very much for everything. I pray that God blesses you always.”


“I am not sure how I got signed up for a subscription but I am glad I did! This article [‘Prayer and Fasting’] was a such a blessing 🙂 I would love to share with a handful or so of ladies in prison. Would I be able to get them signed up?”

Email Contact

(We are so glad you have been blessed by the study. Of course you can get others signed up. We send our studies out free of charge, and pray they will bless everyone they reach. Editor)

“Oh the last Present Truth (‘Prayer and Fasting’) was so good. It should be made into a booklet.”


“Please remove us from your mailing list for the Present Truth magazine.”


“Thank you for sending me the booklets and printed materials a few months ago. The materials are truly helpful in the spirit of Christ. Here is a donation from the Father and His Son. Love you all in Christ at Present Truth Fellowship.”

Prisoner in New York

“I would like to be signed up for the email newsletter. Also, I believe the truth on the Godhead… This message and truth has so wonderfully and powerfully impacted my life, and given victory over sin, and a vibrant life with Christ. My desire isn’t to prove people wrong or debate or argue, but to vindicate the name and character of God, and show that this message is so important for these end times, especially to the soul who lets it impact their life personally. Keep me in prayer for I can not do this myself, but only Christ in me and through me… could you possibly send me some literature that I can give to a couple of my friends/fellow students here at the college? Thanks, I have been reading God’s Love on Trial, what a blessing! 🙂 God bless!”


“Thank you for your monthly, rather quarterly, newsletter booklet. I really love and appreciate each one. Would you add my friend to your mailing list. She has several of your booklets and really loves them. May the Lord continue to bless and grow your ministry for others.”


“I read the little book, The Source of Love. I thought it was really good and I really appreciated this booklet. Bless you brother. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Happy Sabbath!”


“Hello, I was wanting to be a more efficient Christian and was wondering if you guys produced any tracts that I can hand out to folks I come in contact in my line of work. I am currently doing ride-share (LYFT/Uber) work and sometimes encounter people that are ripe and ready to be introduced to God. I’ve even pulled over and given some a bible study.  It would be great if I could also leave them with some literature of a tract size.”


(Thank you for your interest. Yes, we have several tracts, my favorites are Finding Your Identity and The Incredible Love of God.       Editor)

“I do without a doubt receive a refreshing from the Holy Spirit when I read your newsletters. This ministry has a small town, country flavor to it that I really enjoy. I have become keenly aware of so many falsehoods that have stemmed from this misappropriation of the Spirit of truth. Sure, we can be moved by the Spirit, yet it is only God’s word that can confirm what spirit is at work in our hearts at any given moment. Because I am in prison, in this respect this is a very spiritual place as to what drives us? It more than likely is the same out there, especially when there is this spirit of unity devoid of truth. Thanks again and God bless all of you.


“I am writing you in regards to the Bible study you offer for free. I would like to start this Bible study. Please feel free to send me the material. Thank you in advance.”