Letters from our Readers – July 2017

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“Greetings from Montana. You are loved and appreciated! Thank you for your wonderful ministry. Your Present Truth is the only spiritual food I need outside the Bible. I deeply appreciate your heart of love that comes through in all you write and do for our Lord Jesus. Be encouraged and strengthened in your spirit. You are loved.”



“I thank God for you and your faithfulness unto our holy God, ‘His holy Word.’ Truly you have and do continue to study the word to be approved, yes a Berean. I always look forward to your mailings/teachings. Truly we are living in closing days. The vast majority of organized religion is asleep or caught up in false  doctrines. (God have mercy.) Your ministry represents the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The way the truth and the life. I am 86 and I thank my God for the testing of my soul and life that He brings daily. Most of it comes from the religious community. My family, relatives. Yes, I do rejoice in it and will ever press into the kingdom of God with great joy. Brother Lynnford, how very blessed I was several years ago to have met you when you came into the Cleveland airport and Father God provided a quiet place for our special time together. Your sincere humility, love for our Father God and His only begotten Son, our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God was in you like a saturated sponge and flowed out of you. I left you that night praising God with great joy. May God bless, guide, provide, and keep you all until the great glorious day of Christ Jesus our Lord. I have gone through much in my life, and more since my precious wife passed away in Jesus in 2003. In all of it I truly thank God. He has never let me be bitter, but only to draw closer to Him. You, my brother and your ministry of truth, love and encouragement have been and are a Godsend to me. Please send me, Jacob’s Trouble, two each of The Mark of the Beast, The Millennium, God’s Love on Trial. Thank you so much and God bless you.



“We want to thank you so much for all the books and the wonderful information! God bless your ministry.”



“I received the books today. Thank you so much for sending them. This will keep me busy for a while.”



“Thank you for the Present Truth free subscription. please continue sending them. also let me have your other literatures; 1. Jacob’s Trouble 2. The Mark of the Beast 3. The Millennium 4. God’s Love on Trial. I am also requesting if you can send me a good English Bible because I cannot afford one, I am only using a Bible in our dialect when speaking to the congregation. thanks again. hope you can visit us someday. I am willing to become your contact coworker in the Philippines.”



(Thank you so much for your offer and invitation. I will keep in touch. If any of you reading would like to help get Bibles to people, that would be a great work. Contact us if you would like to help.                                Editor)

“Good morning Lynnford. I have decided that I want 25 each of Personality of God and Answering Objections in Spanish. I am wondering if you ever thought of having a little church there. I don’t know what your facility offers. I think it would be great if you had a Chapel right there. I think that it is needed. You have a gift that God has given to you, not only to write but to preach. I think that would be wonderful if you could do that. If you have thought about it, pray about it, and perhaps you can have a place even for a handful of people. I think it would be wonderful if you had a chapel. You are in my prayers. I want you to be encouraged. Have a blessed day.”

New York


“Hey Lynnford, I was just reading your book again. I have read The Personality of God probably ten times. Every now and again I go back and glance through it. I am on the road now, and I was in a different church today. I was sharing some things out of your book. I wanted to tell you, thank you for writing it. God bless you Brother. I hope to see you soon. Have a good day.”



“I sincerely apologize for not letting you know sooner about my address change. Thank you for continuing to send me the Present Truth periodical. I really appreciate it. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.”



“Love getting your newsletter!”



“I am hereby asking our Present Truth Ministries to send me some new books available. Understanding the Personality of God and its companion book, Answering Objections. I would like a printed copy by postal mail. I would like also to let you know that I have been transferred to the above address. May you please put me on your mailing list. I would be very much grateful if my request will be considered.”



“Just a note to let you know, I have not received a copy of Present Truth for a while. I need Present Truth in my home.” [The next letter said,] “I want to say thank you for Present Truth, I have missed you. You are so very welcome in my home. Keep sending me Present Truth please.”