Letters from our Readers – Jun-Jul 2018

“I got some reading articles from you a while ago, and I wonder if I can get some more to read. I like to read stuff I get from different ministries and I back it up with God’s Word as to the truth of it and I do the same with books. I don’t do anything else except study and read. TV itself is of the world and I try to stay out of the worldly ways of how this planet became. Thank you for all that you sent, and can you please send me some more to read. God bless you and this ministry.”

Prisoner in Illinois

(I am so glad you check everything with the Bible—Acts 17:11.   Editor)

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“You are truly doing an amazing work for our awesome God!… I did the God’s Love on Trial Bible Lessons years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Bible studies are always an encouragement. Thank you so much for all that you all do.”


“I am currently held in jail and wanting to see if you can help me. Here at the jail Bible studies are made by serving God and His wonderful mercy and grace. Lives are changing and charges are being dropped. God is amazing! A chaplain came in yesterday to discuss what it is like trading the old body for a new body in a spiritual sense. He then gave us some pamphlets from Present Truth Fellowship located in Kansas, OK. I am currently reading it now and was wanting to ask if you could possibly send more to me or even better a copy of your sermons on Sunday to read as well as share it with the ever growing group daily. Thank you so much for taking time to help. God bless.”

Prisoner in Arkansas

“Am very happy to read this inspiring article. It has helped me to understand more about faith in Jesus Christ. I am able to teach my adopted children to understand themselves more than ever. …We humbly request you to send us many articles to enable us to grow spiritually.”


“May the Lord uphold you in all your work. I appreciated your latest article, ‘Vain Religion.’ Thanks!”


“I enjoy your newsletter and appreciate your sending me the hard copy. However, since I am able to read it on line, please discontinue the mailed copy and save the postage. Grace and peace.”