Letters from our Readers – Oct-Dec 2019

“I enjoyed reading of your missionary travels in the July-September Present Truth. The ‘Columbia Trip Report’ was special. ‘Givers and Takers’ gives me much to ponder, and I enjoyed Sister Laura’s contribution, ‘His Love.’ God be with you.”


“My cousin forwarded your booklet The Source of Love. I read it through and liked it a lot. I want to let you know that I am praying for you and your ministry. Our sin-darkened world is so in need of a correct picture of our loving heavenly Father and His Son. God has gifted and anointed you to speak about our loving heavenly Father. Keep on keeping on. May your message reach many and may you be blessed today.”


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“Lynnford, I don’t believe I have ever read the little book, Christ in You before. That is a great little book to hand out and I was wondering if you could send me at least a dozen more to hand out. It was great to see you again and your wife, it has been quite a while since we have met.”


“Thank you Brother Lynnford. The materials you sent have been very helpful. God bless you Brother. I will let you know when I need more.”


“Please accept these funds as tithe. May God bless in your work.”


“Dear Present Truth, Thank you for the July-Sept newsletter. The timing of the article ‘Givers and Takers’ was from the Father for my family. He knows what we need to encourage us and His timing is perfect. Please send me a couple copies of Rescued from Addiction as you mentioned in the article. I’m enclosing a list of addresses and pray you can send them the July-Sept. issue. Some of these are my children and I pray they would be blessed by its contents. Keep pressing forward towards the mark of Jesus Christ our Creator, Saviour, and soon to be Redeemer! May we all cling to His promises as we await for that better country – Heaven! To God be the glory through His Son Jesus Christ.”


“Even though I am in here during the holiday, God has found a way to bless me. I am so thankful I have such a loving God. I have been reading the Bible daily and God has done wonders with my new heart. ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ (Philippians 4:13). I have had time to think about what you said about “the army of God.” I think that is the best army I could ever join. I would very much like to join. The only people I know of in that army who have truly given their life to serve God is you. I wish I had more friends through Christ, but my whole life I have surrounded myself with sinners. I am open to the idea of taking my faith and service of God to the next level but I feel I just don’t have the resources. Keep me in your prayers.”

Juvenile Prisoner in Arkansas

“Hello, and greetings to you. I am dropping a quick note off to you just to let you know that I had been moved from where I was at before when I received your Present Truth Newsletter like clock work. Since this time I did send a small donation along with my new address. I sincerely wish that I could send more to you, as I have kept every copy I have ever received from you, and sent them home. Thanks again and God bless all of you.”


“I hope you are home again safely. I would like 20 of your new Source of Love booklets, and 20 Holy Spirit ones. We are doing ok here in Indiana. I am praying for you and Jim and your family. May the Lord bless you real good just now.”


“Dear Brother Lynnford, I am sending you fifty dollars and pray you can send me as many of the following books as this will cover. Understanding the Personality of God, Christ in You, God’s Love on Trial, Answering Objections. Thank you!”


“How great it is to know the love of God. I have almost completed the book of John. I have learned so much just from one book. I want to know God and serve Him more than ever. I still have trouble sometimes with my thoughts and plans, but He has His ways of reminding me what is important. I try to teach these guys about what I learned, but I guess it is hard to trust a guy that you’re in jail with. Thank you Mr. Beachy for helping God teach me.”*

Juvenile Prisoner in Arkansas