New Printers and New Urgency – 2020

2020 has been crazy! I am sorry for only putting out one issue of Present Truth this year. I was very determined to put out only truthful information about what is going on. This caused me to closely monitor the facts about what has been transpiring before us, and the information has been changing almost daily. The main article has been modified many times and its publication has been very close on multiple occasions, but one thing or another has delayed it, which has allowed updated and more factual information to be shared. The result is a much better article, so I can praise the Lord for that.

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During this year we have had many requests for our materials, our old machines have finally worn out. Within the last month, the Lord has provided us with two new printing machines that work faster and do better quality than we were able to acheive with our old machines.

The Lord has put an urgency upon my heart to increase production of materials and increase distribution. Instead of giving out a few tracts I am now giving out several books and free Bibles. The publications must go out like the leaves of autumn. They are more needed now than at any time in history. We want to get them into your hands as well.

A brother and I visited a Trump rally in Tulsa this summer distributing free books and Bibles. The responses were incredible! I have distributed much literature at many events, but this was, by far, the most rewarding experience. Even some of the BLM protesters were happy to receive free Bibles and encouraged us in our work. The first person we approached was a transgender man sitting by himself. When I asked him if he would like a free Bible, he eagerly reached for it saying, “Yes, I am trying to figure out my life right now.” I also gave him Finding Your Identity, The Source of Love, and Rescued from Addiction.

Our local fellowship has increased in number and frequency. We have been meeting three times a week, and we are broadcasting twice a week at 7pm Central time on Saturdays and Tuesdays. You can join us live on or by phone at 929-205-6099, Zoom ID 2463500277.

I pray that God will also give you an new urgency to share the gospel.