What is Pokemon

what is pokemonPokémon is a new fad that is quickly spreading among young children today. Few adults understand what all of this is about. Pokémon is short for Pocket Monster, a game where kids collect cards representing any of 150 monsters. Each card displays the monster’s hit points, special powers, and various other details about the monster. The children use these cards to battle other children’s cards. If you are at all familiar with the game Dungeons and Dragons you will see very quickly that Pokémon is merely a modified children’s version of Dungeons and Dragons with a new name. Most of you are aware of the game Dungeons and Dragons and therefore should realize the dangers of Pokémon. For more information on the dangers of Pokémon go to:  http://www.crossroad.to/text/articles/pokemon5-99.html (Link opens new browser window.)

Taken from December 1999 Present Truth