Revival Weekend – Sep-Oct 2017

The Counsel of Prophecy Chapel is hosting a special revival weekend at their chapel in Wichita, Kansas. The guest speakers for this event will be Nader Mansour of Revelation 14:12 Ministries and Lynnford Beachy of Present Truth Fellowship. They will also have a special guest, Karen Stoeckert of Keep the Word Ministries for sacred music for that weekend. For those wishing to visit Wichita, Kansas for this event, plan now!

The Chapel is located at 973 N. Young Street, Wichita, KS 67212. For more information contact Pastor Demario Carter at 316-202-0134



6:00 pm – Music Concert

6:30 pm – Nader Mansour


9:30 am – Demario Carter

11:00 am – Lynnford Beachy

1:30 pm – Lunch

4:00 pm – Nader Mansour

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5:30 pm – Lynnford Beachy

7:00 pm – Ques. and Answ.


9:30 am – Lynnford Beachy

11:00 am – Nader Mansour

12:30 pm – Lunch