Tent Revival in Ohio

The Counsel of Prophecy is conducting a tent revival in Newark, Ohio from April 24th to May 12th, 2018. The meetings will be held under a tent, at the old Lincoln school property, 471 E. Main St. Newark, Ohio. The speakers for the meetings are Daniel Mesa, Vilma Myers, Lynnford Beachy, and Demario Carter. Ramon & Lily Irizarry will be on hand to help with the health mission. Sister Laura Williams will be there to grace us with sacred music. In conjunction with the revival, there will be health expos during the day. The expos will begin April 22nd. Many volunteers from several states will also be on hand to work the grounds and assist in the expos. We are very thankful to God for impressing His people to work

To learn more about this project and register, please visit: register.thecounselofprophecy.org